What does leadership mean to you?

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In a leadership workshop I held last week for Brazilian young professionals, we started with a short moment of personal reflection: “what does leadership mean to you?”

Often in workshops I start with questions like these. It helps the participants to first have clarity on the topic, which makes the learning process during the session more effective. Also, it gives me sometimes interesting insights in what people all over the world perceive as leadership. Let me share some of the post-its full of feedback collected during the workshop.

Some of the answers to the question “what does leadership mean to you”:

  • Someone who can motivate a team, giving proactive solutions in order to reach common goals
  • A leader makes people want to do what needs to be done (with pleasure)
  • Engage and motivate people to being their best
  • Someone who makes decisions, is the example and transmits passion
  • Leadership is the ability of having a broader view of the whole scenario and them the skills to find and develop the best out of it

Being asked what they perceived as their most important question related to their personal development, participants answered:

  • To figure out what is on somebody’s mind
  • How to make more positive impact on people
  • How to communicate more effectively and inspirationally
  • How to discover what I really like
  • How to lead people to feel motivated

Please, share your thoughts below. What does leadership mean to you? And what can you tell about these important personal development questions? What questions do you have?

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