Waking Up the Workplace

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One of the crucial pillars of leading is learning. That’s something I deeply believe in. You can only be a teacher if you are a student first.

I remember some conversations I once had with friends, wherein I explained how much I read, study, listen to podcasts and attend (online) training sessions, on a variety of topics I am passionate about: from leadership to future trends and technology, from spirituality to generations and history, from online marketing to self-development and economics. And when I added I rarely watch TV, I noticed some signs of concerns in the eyes of my conversation partner.

But it’s just where I get energy from. I enjoy reading, learning, reflecting. It fuels my passion to contribute.

Recently, and especially in relation to the development of the Young Leaders Academy, I have been connecting the dots. The topics I described above, and much more topics, are not individual islands. Most of them are strongly connected. For example, we cannot see the current crises and the need for change distinct from leadership. And we might not have seen such a dramatic change in the Arab countries without the technology supporting it.

As business has become the main global player, it is in business that we should strive for sustainable changes. Business is not aware yet of its potential to quickly create change of a global magnitude, I believe.

In my hunger for learning, I came across a great event called “Waking Up the Workplace”. Below I copy the information from their website. It is a great source of inspiration on change in business, so I’d suggest you join.

A FREE online teleseminar series exploring how business can be a force for global transformation, with Fred Kofman, Tami Simon, Tony Schwartz, Otto Scharmer, Brian Johnson, Bill Torbert and others.  March 17 – June 23, 2011.

“What would happen if we saw the business of work, not just as a means for trade and profit, but as a vehicle for actualizing our deeper human potentials in a conscious and creative transformation?”

Join the conversation and explore answers to the following questions:

  • How can we design the workplace as a vehicle for transformation?
  • How can business include our human passions and purpose and yet retain its practical productivity?
  • What are the most powerful and cutting edge tools available to transform business?
  • What kind of workplace do we need to truly address the problems of the 21st century?

Participation is completely FREE.  All you need is a telephone or internet connection to be able to:

  • Contribute to the global conversation with world leading experts
  • Learn powerful conscious business tools to bring to your own work
  • Participate in a community of international conscious business practitioners
  • Help transform the way the world does business!

The series kicks off on March 17 with inspiring entrepreneur and philosopher Brian Johnson.  Join the conversation and find out how you can make business a force for global transformation!

Register for free at www.wakinguptheworkplace.com


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