How to be an agent of Conscious Business

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My friends Jeroen and Thomas from Realize/Waking up the Workplace are opening up a great course for “Agents of Conscious Business”. Sharing is caring, so because I like it very much, I wanted to share this with you.

What conscious business is? It’s a completely novel version of work and organisation that marries the conscious awareness of our deepest purpose with the most cutting-edge and transformative principles of effectiveness business.

The result? A global marketplace that embraces its profound power to create sustainable and meaningful change in the way that we live and work. Sounds good right? So how does it work?

Conscious Business is like the perfect marriage.

So, one the one hand you have business – good old fashioned products and services, produced by collective human effort. A bunch of people get together, and create stuff that they think other people want.

And then on the other hand, you have consciousness – what makes us humans who we are. You’re born, and then you spend your life trying to work out who you are, and dealing with all those messy things like emotions, relationships, awareness and purpose.

Conscious Business is the thing that happens when you integrate both sides – the business part, and the conscious part. It’s the apex that embraces both, and intertwines them into a super-charged vehicle for unprecedented change in the world.

Without consciousness, business can descend into being simply a means to play out our material desires. We think it’s about the money, and at some point, maybe we realize there’s a piece missing. We’re great at doing, but what are we doing it for?

Without business, consciousness can drift into a kind of disengaged idealism where we develop, and develop, and never emerge from the cave or the monastery.  We think it’s simply about self discovery, and at some point maybe we realize there’s a piece missing. We’re great at being, but what are we being for?

What will happen if we marry consciousness and business?

Awesome, never-before-seen, life-inspiring, rocket-fuelled global transformation. The most sophisticated, efficient and cutting edge business practices infused with profoundly deep, purpose-led conscious awareness.

Sounds cool, but how does it work? Where to start, what to do? How can you apply the principles of conscious business in your work?

That’s exactly what this program will offer you, next to being part of a growing community of conscious business agents.
Be sure to check out the official website where you can enroll as well - just click here to go to the website. The course starts on May 23, and doors are open as of tomorrow.


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